Sunday, May 12, 2013

Healthcare professionals

Today, The Hindu, had 2 very good articles (Frontiers without doctors, Financial muscle buys seats) about medical education in the country. 

After reading the articles, the situation looks very grim especially for Empowered Action Group states (previously termed Bimaru states)

The issue calls for emergency action by the state and the central governments. 

However, one aspect which was untouched in both the articles was the quality of medical education

We see the repercussions of the same in our daily practice at NJH. 

To top things up, I was amused by another article in the same paper about how the medical profession contributes to mortality

So, it's up to each of us to decide on what could help us better. Having doctors around us or having no doctors around us. Or having doctors around us, but using common sense and the internet to decide whether a particular treatment is necessary for us or not. 

One can only imagine who would dictate terms once doctors pass out of medical colleges after paying hefty amounts of money. So, beware of the white coat . . . 

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