Monday, May 27, 2013

Warning signs . . . from the sky

I chanced on the snaps below while surfing the net. No doubt, they are really beautiful. But, I also realised that the snaps also show some aspects which the country would need to take care of. 

The above snap was touted as the snap of India on Diwali night. However, that was not the case as the article in The Hindu said. 

Below is a snap of the forest and the mineral wealth of the country.

Now if you look carefully at the composite picture of the night sky of the country, please note where the coloured lights come in. According to the article in The Hindu -

- Blue lights indicate city lights that became visible in 1992
- Green lights indicate city lights that became visible in 1998
- Red lights indicate city lights that became visible in 2003

And please re-look at where our mineral wealth and more importantly forest cover of our country is. Yes, it is in these regions that we've been having population influx and growth as the years pass by, except for the North East part of the country. 

Isn't this something which should be of a concern to us?

You can see the beautiful snaps from space of other countries at IBN Live and Earth at Night: 30 Photos from Space


  1. Good observation! That forests and country's natural resources are being plundered is the extremely sad state of affairs in the country.

  2. This is a matter of great concern but the human race, for todays pleasure they are ignoring the future and well being of coming generations.