Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sevagram . . . A call to simplicity

About 5 years back, I got an opportunity to visit Sevagram. This was where the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhiji had his ashram. Below are some of the snaps taken during the visit. The first thing that strikes you is the stark simplicity of the place. I hope this post will be a gentle reminder about our beginnings as an independent country. 

The entrance

General view of the campus - 1

General view of the campus - 2
Gandhiji's bathroom

The verandah where Gandhiji used to dine with his associates

Here Bapuji used to have his sun bath
His wooden sandals and walking stick
Articles used by Gandhiji. The list is given below

The bed on which Gandhiji used to sleep. I hope he had a mattress over this.

Bapuji's massage table
The reading room

The vessels he used

Bapuji's office

Gandhiji's telephone

It was becoming dusk as we finished the tour of the campus

The tree under which Bapuji used to sit when he addressed gatherings

The prayer ground

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  1. Nice captures...Wish I could visit this place some day