Friday, May 17, 2013

Trivandrum Zoo

As always, the visit to my home at Trivandrum also included a visit to the zoo. It must be the 7th or the 8th time that Shalom has visited the zoo. This time, he was very specific. And it was special for us as Chesed was visiting any zoo for the first time. 

Shalom was sure about what he wanted to see. Yeah, the big animals . . . He bypassed most of the enclosures of the smaller animals in favour of the bigger ones. He was not disappointed. 

A few snaps from the visit . . .  

The cappuchian monkey

Vulturine guinea fowl

Camouflaged . . . hope you can spot the lioness 

The hippos . . . a favourite enclosure

The shy rhinoceros

Watching the sambhar deer

A deer begging for food from the visitors

The lonely zebra

The lioness in the previous picture enjoying her lunch

The enclosure of the pygmy monkey


  1. Nice place to visit. Like the pictures.

  2. reminded me of Childhood days Dr Jeevan :) Going to the zoo and spotting the animals out of the book moving used to be fun. thanks !!