Monday, September 5, 2011

Friends from Germany

Just wanted to acknowledge the visit of medical students from Charite, University of Berlin, Germany - Ms Doerthe Stolbrink from Dortmund and Ms Manuela Loux from Overath (Near Cologne). Both of them were with us for the last month as part of their compulsory period of electives.
Shazia, Angel, Aji, Doerthe, Manuela, Ango, Nandamani
The clinical staff and our families enjoyed their time with us. Both of them were on their first visit to India and after their time in NJH, they have left to Darjeeling as part of a 1 month tour of other parts of India.
In the beginning of the year, we had 2 medical students from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. I’m not putting their names here as I’ve not taken their permission.
Ms Doerthe and Manuela were luckier than their Swiss counterparts as the hospital was quite busy during their stay here and they saw quite a number of diverse cases. Both of them were kind enough to donate 4 finger pulse oximeters for the hospital, which are being quite amply used. I hope that they have learnt quite a lot about a different approach to healthcare which will be definitely quite a lot different from what they are learning in Germany.
We look forward to see more people visiting us in the future. More than people from other countries, we look forward to Indian medical and nursing students visiting us and exploring options of working in needy situations like ours at least for part of their lives.
Meanwhile, we wish Doerthe and Manuela a relaxing time of holidaying over the next one month and a safe journey back to Germany.

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