Sunday, September 18, 2011

Visitors at NJH

It was a privilege to have Ms RuthAnn from Interburns and her friend, Mrs Juliet over the last week. Ms RuthAnn visited us as part of the work she is doing with Interburns to popularize and promote burn care in NJH. I shall put in a post about Interburns later as time permits.

Burn care in NJH is not anything new and we had been talking about a separate unit for managing burns in this part of the country. As far as we know, we are the only unit in West Jharkhand who manages burns. As evident from my previous posts (Pediatric Burns, Neglected burns, Prodigal son, Mismanaged burns), we have been quite busy managing burns.

Ms RuthAnn is a trained physiotherapist who has developed a specific interest in burn care during her time at Duncan Hospital, Raxaul – another unit of Emmanuel Hospital Association.

As far as I understood, Interburns has been standing for a more active management of burns with tangential excision of burn wounds and skin grafting along with active physiotherapy. To the layman – it sounds complex. Well, let me explain.
RuthAnn along with the EHA team in Burn Care Retreat at Bangladesh

The older management of burns involved daily dressings which used to be messy and took quite a long time. In addition, there was also contracture formation which made life quite difficult for the patient. In tangential excision, the burn wound is excised as soon as possible and a skin graft is done immediately. It speedens up healing, decreases the amount of time the patient spends in hospital and prevents contractions.

One of the major accomplishments RuthAnn has made is to popularize the use of commonly available materials to make splints designed to prevent contractures after skin grafting. To help us with the making of splints, she graciously donated a heat gun to us.
RuthAnn teaching Dinesh to make splints

MI recieving a locally made splint to prevent contracture of his left axilla

MI being helped with physiotherapy

RuthAnn’s friend, Juliet accompanied her and helped us in umpteen numbers of ways including helping her with the classes for nurses, accompanying the Community Health team and encouraging us and providing a good time for many of us. We are quite thankful to Juliet for the time she spent in prayer for us.

We look forward to RuthAnn and Juliet coming back to see a flourishing burns unit and a improved hospital set up.

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  1. wonderful to see all the smiling faces! Working together we can do so much! It is a blessing when people from other places come to help out.