Thursday, September 1, 2011


We had a mother die today morning. Her time in the hospital was just 6 hours. The doctor on call who saw SD come in at around 4:00 am today morning – found her terribly breathless and in labour. She was pale as a pearl. Hemoglobin was a pathetic 1.8 gm%. Literally, water flowing through her veins. There was a pansystolic murmer on examining the heart.

Whether she had a heart disease or not – it was difficult to comment considering the severity of the anemia. She delivered a dead female baby at around 7:30 am. Her relatives were very poor. They were not ready to deliver blood. We did not even know where the husband was. She was too sick that we did not bother to ask too many questions.

There was some amount of blood lost during the delivery which definitely pulled her to the edge of death which ultimately devoured her at around 10:30 pm. We could only watch helplessly.

Another addition to the maternal death statistics of the world – and that too because of anemia. What a shame? I thought of talking to the family before they took the body. Unfortunately, I could not as I got caught with some other matter. I wish I could have given more details.

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