Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cutting costs . . .

Institutions such as ours have to be always on the lookout on how to cut costs. And our engineer, Mr. Dinesh has always been looking out on how to cut costs . . . 

Couple of things we've started doing to bring down costs. 

One of the major costs of any hospital is cleaning costs. We require about 20 litres of phenyl and about 3 litres of toilet cleaning liquid (solutions like Harpic, Cleanmate etc) every week to keep our wards and toilets clean. 

About a year ago, we found out that we could make our own phenyl. 

One can buy Phenyl concentrate along with a chemical for fragrance in any Chemical shop. 

The costs are as follow . . . 

Cost of one litre of Phenyl Concentrate
200 INR
Amount of phenyl made from one litre of phenyl concentrate
10-15 litres
Cost of one litre of Phenyl
14-20 INR

We use approximately 20 litres of Phenyl a week. The local supplier used to supply us at 60 INR per litre. And that was a very diluted. Which means we save about 1000 INR every week. 

The next is toilet cleaning liquid. 

Below are the costs. 

Hydrochloric acid
2500 gms
65 INR
Toilet cleaner concentrate (Tropic)
800 gms
360 INR
7-12 litres
Total costs
425 INR
Cost per litre
28-43 INR

The costs does not seem to be much. However, we're assured of the quality and the contents of the toilet cleaner. 

Dinesh mixing the chemicals. 
Please note that the chemicals which are used are very corrosive and would need expert handling. If you do not have staff who are careful and do not regularly follow safety procedures, I strongly advice that you don't attempt this in your unit. 

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