Sunday, February 3, 2013

Praise and Prayer Bulletin - Feb 1, 2013

Apologies for posting this late. However, better late than never. 

1. We've been blessed with a really wonderful first month of the year. The patient load has been quite on the higher side. We averaged more than a 100 patients a day. However, the challenge from February would be the absence of 2 good doctors, Dr. Nandamani and his wife, Dr. Ango. Please pray that the Lord would answer our prayers for a surgeon and one more lady doctor. 

2. Kindly pray for the families of people who were killed in a nasty road accident last week. The reason for the disaster is the migration of families searching for work. Please pray that as part of our Community Adaptation towards Climate Change Program, we would be able to make some sort of impact in the lives of the surrounding community with regard to their livelihoods. 

3. There has been a spurt in civil unrest in the region over the last few weeks. There was a lull in insurgent activities for almost 3-4 months. Please pray that peace will prevail and there would not be any untoward incidents. 

4. The serious obstetric care patient load continues to remain. We thank the Lord that we could avert maternal deaths within the hospital during January 2013. In spite of couple of very sick eclampsia patients about whom I shall post next week. 

5. We continue to get very unusual cases for which many a time we are not able to manage because of lack of specialists. The patients being poor find it difficult to go ahead. There's been a promise for a Internal Medicine consultant by June 2013. We thank the Lord for this person. Please pray for the Lord's anointment. 

6. We thank the Lord for FD's complete recovery. You can read more of her story in 'Special Surgery'.

7. As part of our Community Adaptation towards Climate Change Program, we are planning a major intervention aimed at promoting millet cultivation and usage in the local communities. Please pray for the activities being planned.

8. We see quite a lot of rampant exploitation of the poor and lower castes in our communities. Many a time, we are only able to watch it helplessly. Please pray that we would be instruments of change in this frame of inequality.   

9. We drove all the way to Champa last week to bring Gerry and Wendy of the Grace Babies to NJH. We thank that the drive was uneventful although tiring. We thank the Lord for the couple as they spend time with us and gave quality time to our neonatal team which would in fact go a long way to further neonatal care at NJH. 

10. Last week, we had a leopard straying into town. It's frightening for lot of here as NJH is in quite heavily forested area. Please pray for protection of staff and our surrounding communities. Again, the Community Adaptation towards Climate Change is working in this theme where we teach communities to respect wildlife boundaries and be partners of conservation.

11. We have been able to buy a new 4 wheeler as part of the project on Community Based Rehabilitation. Please pray that the vehicle would be used for the extension of God's kingdom in the target communities.

12. We've two patients in the Burns Unit now, who are quite sick. Kindly pray for their complete recovery. Both are ladies - one has 30% burns and the other has 40% burns including the face. We also thank the Lord that we've able to make major progress in the Burns Unit construction over the last month. 

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