Saturday, February 16, 2013

Praise and Prayer Bulletin . . .

Please join us in praise and prayers . . .

1.       2 of our bachelor staff are getting married soon. Dr. Titus and Mr. Dinesh. We praise God for finding life partners who agreed to become part of the adventure they’re in. Please pray for both the young ladies who are going to commit a lifetime with these guys.

2.       We thank the Lord that the lamp lighting and capping ceremony our NursingSchool for the year 2013 was held last week. Please remember the needs of the nursing school and the staff in your prayers. We pray that the students from our school would be a blessing in the places and to the people they serve.

3.       We thank the Lord for the miraculous healing that many a patient gets at NJH.

4.       Praise God for the Grace Babies team who spent about a week with us. Please pray that they would continue to be a blessing.

5.       The healthcare profession is bereft of compassion and care as days pass by. Please pray that we at EHA would be examples of excellence in compassionate care.

6.       We’ve had positive responses for the vacant positions of Information Technology Manager and a Physiotherapist. Kindly pray that the Lord would work in their lives and they would be a blessing to NJH.

7.       Material needs of the hospital continue. We need to invest about 2.5 million INR (50,000 USD/Euros) as an emergency – a school bus and couple of generators. Kindly pray that we would have somebody to fund this need.

8.       Our children (about 40 of them) are giving their year end examinations. Please pray that the Lord will grant them success.

9.       The winter crops have yielded a bumper harvest. But, it pains to see that quite alot of harvest is wasted as there is no mechanism of food processing or storage. Please pray that we can do something about this.

1.      A surgeon, pediatrician and medicine consultant continue to be dire requirements. We trust the Lord for these staff requirements. 

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