Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wasted . . . Could be avoided

Today, I went to the Daltonganj vegetable market.

It was such a cynosure to the eyes to see lot of ripe juicy tomatoes all over the place.

The first vendor I saw was selling the stuff for 10 INR for one and a half kilo.

The next one was selling it 2 kilograms for the same amount.

Then, there was this place where it was selling two and a half kilograms for 10 INR.

And the ultimate one . . . there was two crates of tomatoes just left out for the cows to eat. The farmer who brought them did not find it profitable to sell it in the market . . . and so abandoned it for the cows to eat . . .

Reminiscent of 2010 when we had vegetables being sold for throwaway prices. . . . 


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  2. Andi. . . Do you have a good recipe?

  3. Still now we have them at throw away prices . It is only false hype . All storage politics.

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