Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Neonatal Care . . . Grace Babies

Similar to last year, Gerry and Wendy Cowles were at NJH, helping us out with Neonatal care for about a week. We are thankful for the time, they've spent with us. And of course, I had a great drive bringing them from Champa.

Teaching neonatal resuscitation

Classes .  . .

More hands on classes .  . . 

The beneficiaries . . . These beautiful sweaters have been knitted by churches in New Zealand.
Gerry and Wendy facilitate their distribution in hospitals such as ours.

Attentive staff . . . 

Another beneficiary . . . the winter cloths are from the same place as the above snap. 

For those interested to make financial contribution towards their ministry in the US, to to, click on donate, then click donate online and under Category, scroll down to Project and type in Grace Babies 469973. 

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