Saturday, February 2, 2013

White Surf . . . A Waterfall forgotten

During our initial days of exploring of the Andaman Islands after the tsunami, we had come across the White Surf Waterfall in Hutbay Island. I wonder how it looks now. But, during the heydays of tourism, it was a major attraction of Hutbay Island. 

These snaps were taken sometime in January 2005, within a month of the 2004 Tsunami. 

The entrance to the White Surf Waterfall

The partially broken bridge to the waterfall . . . 

Sign warning about 'crocodiles'. We did not see any . . .

Another beautiful bridge on the way . . . 

The above bridge from closer . . .

The destroyed waterfall . . . 

Another view of the waterfall which was badly damaged.

I'm not sure on whether the waterfall re-established during the next rains. Would appreciate if anyone could update. 

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  1. Beautiful pics, Jeevan! Thank you!

  2. loved the pics...any idea why it got destroyed....

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  3. Great pics, Thanks for sharing about this hidden/destroyed place... You can check my site here