Monday, May 13, 2013

Vizhinjam Harbour

Similar to last year's holiday, we decided to go scouting along the coastline this time too. This time, we visited the Vizhinjam harbour. The breakwaters putting up a strong front to the enormous waves was quite a site. However, we were in for more sights inside the fishing harbour. 

The family walking into the harbour
Boat engines lined along the water front
Crowds waiting for the boats to come in

A fisherman sells his catch (tuna) to a fishmonger

Another view of the harbour
Fishmongers beside the harbour. In spite of the plentiful catch, fish was very expensive

Pomfret and mackerel 

Fishmongers wait for the boats to come in

Panoramic view of the Vizhinjam fishing harbour


  1. very nice post ! amazing photographs !

  2. Nice shots.