Monday, September 9, 2013

Delhi Visit . . . Day 1

Over the last month, we got the opportunity to plan out a vacation starting today. We are on our way to Kerala via Delhi. I had been planning to take out the family in Delhi. We had quite a lot of discussion on where to visit. 

The vote for Day 1 fell for the Train Museum from Shalom and Charis (Chesed is yet to start making choices) and for us parents, we decided on a second visit to the second hand books available in Daryaganj on Sundays. 

Snaps taken during the visit. 

Shalom is quite excited on seeing the first exhibit

On the joy ride. . .

Toy train

Exhibits inside the gallery . . .

Second hand books at Daryaganj

Today, the plan is to visit the Delhi Zoo and of course a peep into our Central Office. The kids always keep on asking about the Central Office where I go to once a while. 

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