Saturday, September 14, 2013

Konni Elephant Cage

Today, we visited the Konni Elephant Cage. This is the place where elephants who were trapped in the nearby jungles were brought for training . . . 

The training has ceased since 1977. However, elephants are kept here and it is quite a tourist attraction. 

Konni is a small town, about 10 kilometers south of Pathanamthitta. The nearest railway head is Chengannur (CNG) in the Trivandrum-Kottayam route of the Indian Railways. 

The entrance
The Cage . . .

The first elephant we saw. Incidentally, this 8 year old male was from Bihar and named Don Singh. He was given a local name - Kochu Ayyappan. Don was caught while being illegally transported to Kerala. Below are the snaps of another 4. The last one, Soman, 65 years old, which was being used for elephant ride . . . I will put the snaps in my next post .. .. .

Meena, 21 years old

Priyadarshini, 24 years old

Surendran, 14 years old

7 year old Eva

A very informative device in the museum at the Elephant Cage.
One can hear the sounds that different wild animals make by clicking on a display.
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