Monday, September 23, 2013

Swimming against the tide

During a time, when we get quite a lot of news on how evil the medical profession is and how fast the healthcare industry is becoming one of the most preferred when it comes to profiteering, I was quite relieved to find a story in the national press about a young doctor who has been making quite a lot of change in a remote region of Jharkhand. 

Photo from The Hindu article
Garu PHC is one of the most remote Primary Health Centres in the country. I know it well since the place is quite near to NJH. We get quite a lot of our poor patients from this region. 

The area is quite picturesque and I've written about it some time earlier. In fact, there is quite a beautiful waterfall in this area. 

The local press has been writing quite a lot about the work that Dr. Amresh has been doing in Garu. Our friends serving in the schools and dispensaries has also been telling about the good things that Dr. Amresh has done in that region. 

I hope that Dr. Amresh's story will be passed around and more people would know and appreciate the work that he is doing. And of course, a word of encouragement and praise would do a lot of good. 

May his tribe increase. And I wish that stories similar to that of Dr. Amresh be passed around and appreciated.  

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  1. He is doing a noble deed! many thanks to him.
    As you said: May his tribe increase!