Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Unsung . . .

This post is just an attempt to bring to all of your notice about quite applaud-able efforts by a section of medical students and fraternity to maintain distance from the pharmaceutical industry when it came to a conference on medical research

It is quite well accepted that drug companies offer incentives varying from pens and letter pads to tours abroad in the garb of attending conferences. In fact, the popularity of a doctor is gauged from the number of medical representatives who visit him or her.  

I know of my colleagues who try quite a lot to keep medical representatives in good humor lest they spoil his/her practice. And when it came to research, most of the companies fall head over heels to placate doctors and their families. 

What startled me was the very little publicity that this conference got in terms of media coverage both print and electronic. I could only find one newspaper who reported about this.

I remember that there were 3 such stories including this, which I highlighted in my blog and it was disturbing that all 3 of them were reported in only one newspaper (each time a different one). The media falls head over heels to report misdemeanors in healthcare but remain largely mum when there are heroes who work silently without any applaud or rewards. 

And all the more when a National Conference is run without any pharmaceutical funding . .. ... 

Don't you think so? 

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