Friday, September 27, 2013

Second Hand Books - Nehru Place

After my post about second hand books for children in Daryaganj, Delhi, I got few queries about the location of another place which I mentioned in my post which was in Nehru Place. 

There were couple of more people who wrote saying that they could not spot the exact place in Daryaganj where we got the books for children. 

I had put couple of snaps in one of my previous posts about the place. 

I've also got a google map of the place. When you go from the Daryaganj Police station side towards Jama Masjid, it is midway between the 2 bus stands. Of course, on the left side. 

The other place where you can get these books, although a bit more costly is at Nehru Place. Attached is a snap of the place as well as the spot marked out in google map. 

The red spot marks the place where the street vendor who sells the second hand books sits.
The blue line shows the walking route from the Nehru Place Metro
And the joy on the faces of the children on seeing these books is so precious . . .

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