Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thiruvananthapuram Rajadhani

Today morning, we just reached Kerala after 2 full days in the Trivandrum Rajdhani. 

A Rajdhani journey which I would rate quite poor comparing to my other Rajdhani journeys, I got some good snaps . . .

Drawing and painting . . . the major way for our kids to while off the time. 

Charis was so intensely immersed that she fell asleep

Waiting for a crossing . . .

Going into a tunnel . . . 

While the older two watches cartoon, Angel tries to persuade Chesed into drawing and painting . . .

Look carefully, you can see Chesed . . .


  1. Hi Dr. Jeeven,
    Good to be here, via Indiblogger
    Well captured pics here.
    Keep Posting.
    Keep Inform
    Best Regards
    Philip Ariel

    Dr. Jeevan pl. take out the word verification from here, it gives trouble to post comments, this can be done by visiting your dashboard. Thanks

  2. Hi Jeevan,
    Did your rajadhani stop to wait for a crossing? i am surprised! do think of contributing your travelogues for our site -

  3. The Trivandrum Rajdhani waits for crossings quite a few times in the Konkan railway.