Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eagles . .. ...

One song that was quite often sung in our fellowship days at the Christian Medical Fellowship, Trivandrum was the song based on Isaiah 40: 31. 

The verses are as follows . . . 

They that wait upon the Lord
Shall renew their strength
They shall mount up with wings as eagles
They shall run and not be weary 
They shall walk and not faint
Teach me Lord, teach me Lord to wait

Teach me Lord to wait
Down on my knees
Tell in your own good time
You answer my plea
Teach me not to rely on what others do
But to wait in prayer
For an answer from you . . . They that wait

I searched for a clip of the song in YouTube but could not find one with the tune we learnt. 

Last week, I had someone send me a clip of a eagle in flight. The amazing thing was that the clip was from a camera mounted on the body of the flying eagle. 

Later, as I searched YouTube I found one more clip of a similar experiment. 

The view is amazing . . . and it sort of shows us the possibilities we can be part of if we are ready to wait on the Lord. 


  1. thanks jeevancha.. The lyrics, though quite familiar verse, spoke to me.. To wait on the Lord. The waiting is sometimes tough, but there is no other go