Monday, November 28, 2011

Another hand-prolapse . . . but luckier . . .

SB never thought that she would end up in this state. It was her second baby. She had an uneventful home delivery 3 years back.

SB's pains had started on Friday early morning and she was from near the hospital. She realised that something was amiss by late evening. However, her relatives insisted that she wait for some more time before going to hospital. And to supplant the patient's efforts, one intramuscular injection of oxytocin was also given.

It could have been a dangerous wait - at around 10 pm, plopped out the hand from her birthcanal. Her relatives understood that this was quite dangerous. They knew that she had to rush straight to NJH. Although her house was not much far from hospital, they could reach only at around 12:30 pm.

As usual, after a quite busy day I was getting into sleep mode when the call came. The nurse informed me that she was not sure about the fetal heartbeat. After the last patient who had come with hand prolapse I was sure that this was also not going to be much different. I was wrong. As I kept my hand on the abdomen of the patient, I felt I got a kick from the fetus.

Yeah, the fetal heart beat was present. And quite well. Everything happened so fast after that. The baby had a poor APGAR score but the theatre staff did a good job with resuscitation. This was the second baby over the last 3 months who came out alive after a hand prolapse. In fact, the previous one was quite fresh in my mind. As was expected, the hand was quite edematous. But, it has settled over time.

We did quite a good job with using the improvised CPAP for this baby too. And we thank the Lord that he has done good.

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