Monday, November 7, 2011

Requirement . . .Urgent

Today morning, we had something unfortunate happening in our Acute Care Unit.

Our first ventilator went off dead in the middle of ventilating a patient who had come unconscious in the morning. It just refused to function the way it used to. However, it had served its' purpose for quite long.

Our engineer was quick to come down and do few rapid diagnostic tests - and the conclusions were obvious. The motor had given way and we would need to do some major repairing on it. And it will take time and may not give long lasting results.

However, it did not need much of thinking to come to a conclusion that we would do better with couple of more of this type of a ventilators.

Our new ventilator has not been quite cost effective and guzzles quite a lot of oxygen which makes the whole process of ventilating quite expensive for our poor patients and it has not been that user friendly.

A couple of phone calls and manufacturers of the first ventilator tinformed us that they still produce such machines. The cost is Rs. 65,000 and it is only made on order.

We have realised that the new ventilator is more suited for use along with the Boyle's machine and she has performed quite well in the cosy environments of the theatre.

So, all those who has been reading about our work - please do help us. Over the last 3 months, the patients we had been ventilating has gone up quite a lot. And we would do well with couple of such ventilators.

We would need about 150,000 Indian Rupees (approximately 3000 USDs/2250 Euros/2000 GBPs) to cover the costs of buying 2 such ventilators including the transportation. Looking forward to hear from quite a few of you...

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