Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Working in resource poor settings . . .

It was about a week ago that one of our visitors initiated a discussion on innovative methods to get things done especially in settings like ours. Of course, one of the best examples which has been used is the Newmon ventilator which has served us quite well.

In my previous stinct, my colleagues had somehow improvised an airway circuit to give continuous positive airway pressure for sick babies. It was quite a simple circuit and had worked wonders in saving quite a number of premature and sick babies.

The thought lingered on for about couple of days before a preterm baby was delivered at NJH. To make matters worse, the baby was not keeping saturation well. We got a circuit ready in no-time and presto, it worked. I was quite encouraged.

2 days back, we had one more preterm born to a mother with severe eclampsia and he has also done well with the contraption.

Of course, you may say that cheap CPAP machines are now available. But with all the problems with electricity especially voltage fluctuations, simpler solutions such as these are a real blessing...

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