Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Golden Jubilee - the Finale

We had been quite busy and with the sort of sick patients we had been having through the Golden Jubilee programme and a shortage of doctors, I could not find enough time to post the rest of the pictures of the Golden Jubilee celebrations. And later I lost count of whatever I had posted. I realised only last week that I did not put in the final day's programmes.

The finale started with the prompt arrival of the chief guest, Mr. Harikishan, the honourable MLA of our region.

The programme began with lighting of the lamp by the chief guest, the former MLA, Ramchandar Singh and Dr. Mark Kniss.

As in most of the meetings, quite a lot of people spoke. Here is a snap of Dr Santosh Mathew, the Executive Director of EHA addressing the meeting.

The Chief Guest, the honourable MLA, Mr. Harikishan addressing the audience.

Previous leaders of the unit as well as staff who completed 25 years of service were felicitated. Below is a snap of Dr Kniss felicitating Dr Manohar Paul.

EHA honoured Dr Kniss by presenting a silver plaque.

Dr Kniss thanked everyone for the programme as well as exhorted us to carry on the good work.

Quite a sizeable crowd turned up to witness the final proceedings.

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