Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Praise and Prayers - 7 Dec, 2011

(Please go straight to point nos. 10. That has been one of our best praise points for the whole year)

1. Over the last week, the electricity situation in the region had improved. However, since last Saturday we have again started to have long durations of no electricity and we incur quite a large additional expense in running the generator. Kindly pray that we would be able to reach a point where we do not spent unnecessarily on running the generator.

2. Regular bandhs continue to very badly affect the functioning of the hospital. Over the last 15 days we've had 7 days of not much work happening on account of bandhs. Kindly pray that we do not have interruptions of our normal work days.

3. We suspect that unethical practices such as bonded labour aimed towards the suppression of the oppressed minority people groups especially the tribals happen in our region. We do not know how to go ahead in this. Kindly pray that justice will prevail.

4. We are thankful for LO, a 8 year old boy who was admitted with quite bad tetanus. He made a remarkable recovery and was discharged today. We thank the Lord for his recovery. As we discharged LO, we recieved in another young girl with tetanus. Kindly pray that she will make an uneventful recovery like all the others.

5. Last week we had a very bad case of endosulphan poisoning. He was quite sick, but has made quite a remarkable recovery. We are thankful that he is alive and discharged.

6. Kindly remember SD in your prayers - SD, a mother of 5, had a rupture uterus and she reached us 2 days later. After surgery, she remained in the ventilator for about 5 days, before she could be weaned off it. However, we are almost sure that her urinary bladder has most probably sloughed off. She would need more invasive procedures.

7. We thank the Lord that we could almost complete making our hospital environmental friendly by changing over incandescent bulbs to energy saving Flourescent Lamps. Now, our maintenance department is involved in putting in fluorescent street lights - all the efforts ultimately saving quite a lot of energy. We are thankful to EHA-United States who partially financed the efforts. May the Lord bless each of the individual donors.

8. KDA, the mother with pre-eclampsia who delivered a baby weighing 1.3 kilogram has done well. The baby is also doing well and putting on weight. SDA, who also delivered a preterm baby weighing 1.4 kg - the baby has done well, although he struggled the first couple of days. KD, the mother who was in her third pregnancy after 2 previous intrauterine deaths at term, who also had severe Pregnancy Induced Hypertension also delivered a 1.3 kg baby who has since been discharged. As I finished typing this off, I recieved a consultation from Labour Room for a newborn who is 5.5 kgs (12 lbs 12 ozs). Kindly pray for this baby as the family is quite poor to afford for a specialist consultation.

9. Please continue to pray for CD, the 65 year old with one of the worst cases of self-poisoning I've ever seen. She continues to be on Atropine - we have already pumped in about 150 vials of Atropine - and I suspect that she would need more. Yesterday, I had the initial discussions with her on her poisoning. It seems that she was fed up with her insomnia. There was no other reason for her being depressed. And she is glad that she is alive. We thank the Lord for her amazing recovery. Please continue to pray for her as we manage her to a total recovery and especially heal her of her possible depression and insomia.

10. And the ultimate praise point. Yesterday, Dr. Nandamani and Dr. Ango had left to Delhi for Ango to write her DipNB theory exams. We were concerned that Ango had not got her admit card for the examination. Both of them went to the DipNB administrative office in Delhi today morning and found out that Dr Ango had cleared her examination during her last attempt. I'm still not sure of the details. But, we are ecstatic about this news. Please pray as she prepares for her practical examinations.

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