Monday, November 21, 2011

We need a miracle . . .

On the 21st evening, I had a peculiar patient in emergency.

It was a bit difficult to believe about the history, but that was how the husband put it.

FD was making tea about 10 days back, when her clothes caught fire and she ended up with quite a very bad burn injury of her body. Treated initially in Daltonganj, she was referred to Ranchi where she was in the Government Medical College for about a week.

Today afternoon, the doctors at Ranchi decided that they were fighting a losing battle and decided to take the patient back home to die. The patient was also quite listless and the relatives had also given up home.

The patient was from Rehla, Garhwa district and NJH was on the way from Ranchi to her home. It seemed that they had some relatives who lived in our nearby village.

FD is quite sick. I presume that she must have started with a burns of about 40% but after infection setting in, the burns has increased to about 65%. The relatives just cannot accept that she will die. They want to give it a try.

After explaining about all the pros and cons of trying to manage such an extensive burns at NJH, we took a decision to take her in. We’ve promised that we shall try to intervene once we have at least 5 pints of blood.

I know that humanely speaking we are fighting against all odds. But, we’ve been seeing miracles here. We request you to stand with us and pray for this lady and her family. We want His Name to be glorified.

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  1. we have prayed friends. May God hold this dear lady and the dear family and all of your who are reaching out in love in His great and loving hands!

    Lots of love from the Eichers