Friday, November 25, 2011

Praise and Prayers - 26 Nov, 2011

1. Today was Chain Prayer and Revival Meeting day for the hospital. Quite a lot of staff and students actively participated.

2. We've had quite a number of very sick patients over the weekend. We thank the Lord for KB, who had septicemia and a dead baby in her womb - she underwent a normal delivery. PD and SD had quite complicated pregnancies, - although they lost their babies, they made remarkable recoveries and were discharged.

3. The very preterm baby born to the eclamptic mother who died is doing quite good. Kindly continue to pray that he will put on weight and we would be able to discharge him soon.

4. FD who turned up quite late passed away couple of days back. It was sad that she did not know about the facilities we provide for burns patients. Kindly pray that the local communities would know more about the work we do and would come fast if there is a burn accident.

5. The construction of the burns unit is progressing well. Kindly pray for all the efforts going on to mobilise more funds.

6. Over the last year we have realised that there is a major gap in cancer care in the region. I wish the Lord would raise up people who would have a burden for involvement in this area of healthcare.

7. Since the last 2 months we have been witnessing a major epidemic of malaria and quite a few young lives being lost. We know that we can respond - but we need people with expertise. 

8. Yesterday, one case which was foisted against the hospital has come up again. There is no iota of truth in the case which has been filed. Kindly pray for the Lord's mercies on the people who have filed the case and the police officers who have raised it up again. We need wisdom and good guidance as we deal with it. 

9. SR, who came to us with a very severe case of pyopneumothorax has responded well to our intervention. Kindly pray that he would be fully healed. 

10. Over the last one week, we have not been having electricity. We end up spending almost 200 litres of diesel everyday to run the unit. Kindly pray that we would get regular electricity from the Electricity Board. 

11. The roads from NJH to Daltonganj continue to be in a very bad state. However, we've got news that the Chief Minister is visiting Daltonganj by road and therefore road repairs is being hurriedly carried out. Kindly pray that we would have good roads soon. 

12. Over the last 10 days, there were 3 days of bandhs/strikes which has affected the flow of patients to the hospital. A bandh has been called tomorrow also in response to the killing of a leader of the naxalite movement. 

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