Friday, November 18, 2011

Praise and Prayers . . .18 Nov . . .

I always hope that friends of NJH who keep us in prayers would benefit from my postings and would uphold us in their regular prayers.

Recently, one of my very close friends requested that I be very specific and put in the praise and prayer points regularly.

So, here is it. I hope to put it on once a week.

Praise Points . . .

1. Today morning, we had a sort of surprise inspection from the Income Tax Department. They were paying such a visit after quite a long time because of which there was a bit of anxiety at the administration level. But, the inspection went off quite smoothly and the officers were quite happy with our papers. They were so happy that they insisted on having a group photograph with all the doctors and office staff.

2. We have got one of my friends getting interested in further helping us with the construction of the burns unit. There is quite a lot of homework for us to do before it can be taken forward. We thank the Lord for this friend of mine who has shown interest in our work among burns patients.

3. The Daltonganj State Bank of India has promised to look into donating us medical equipment worth about 250,000 Indian Rupees. We thank the Lord for this initiative from the SBI authorities. The quotations have already been given to them. Kindly pray that the Lord will give us success.

4. We had some very sick patients come to us especially over the last week. KB, who had been in obstructed labour with a dead baby for about a week has done well and has been discharged. SD, who was quite a complicated case is slowly making a recovery although she has a long way to go. PD, whose baby had hydrocephalus in a breech presentation has also gone home well.

5. The baby born to KD is gaining weight quite well. The family is quite delighted to have a live baby after 2 intrauterine deaths. Please continue to remember this family who is quite poor.

Prayer points -

1. Dr. Srijit Pradhan, our ophthalmologist has left today for his daughter's wedding. Kindly pray for the family as they travel to Cuttack today, preparations for the wedding and the ceremony including the reception arranged at Nagercoil.

2. Sr. Rita Pradhan, our Nursing School Principal is on travel to various nursing schools as part of MIBE inspection. Kindly pray as she travels.

3. One of the social activitist nuns from the Catholic church, Sr. Valsa John who had been working for the upliftment of the tribal community has been murdered. in our state of Jharkhand. The funeral was yesterday at Dumka. Please pray that we would not be discouraged by incidents such as this.

4. Please pray for PD who had come to us about 4 days back with severe post-partum eclampsia. Her blood pressure is yet to be fully control. Kindly pray for her complete recovery.

5. We have a very preterm baby born to a mother with severe eclampsia. The mother died after couple of days of the delivery of  pulmonary edema and cardiac failure.

6. LO is a young boy with tetanus. He has done well so far. Kindly pray for his completely recovery.  

Please do share this post with friends who will spent one minute of prayer for us. I hope I shall be able to post 'Praise and Prayer' posts on a regular basis.

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  1. Jeevan God is good, hold on and he will see to it that things work out for his purposes! IT issue - good to hear this