Friday, January 11, 2013

No tears . . . No one to cry . . . (1)

(Viewer discretion advised. Pictures may not be acceptable to many)

Yesterday was a black day for our region. 

25 villagers from our neighbouring village, Rankikala lost their lives as they were returning after migrant labour in neighbouring Bihar. There is hardly any newspaper which gave the full details. If it had happened with some well known people and in a town/city, you would have had much more details. 

We had gone to console the families who lost their loved ones. 

The snaps and details are below . . . 

The crowd was after where the leaders were going . . . 

More crowds . . . 

The locals had blocked the National Highway . . .

This autorikshaw contains 5 bodies . . .  a father and 4 children. The mother is admitted in Patna . . .

The local Member of Parliament, Mr. Inder Singh Namdhari

Bodies being loaded into a tractor for the final journey

This is 11 members of the same family. 
Interestingly, there was nobody to console. The remaining family members had accepted the grim reality without much fuss. 

Everybody was busy finding out how much money each of the survivors would receive from the government. 

More on this tragedy in a later post . . . 


  1. India 2013, a grim reality, the tribal people are massacred. We are silent spectators of a new system of democracy of new India.

  2. These people surely need Christ's love. Bless you people who went to console them.