Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Praise and Prayer . . . Jan 7, 2013

We praise and thank God for all the good that he gave us during 2012. We also thank for the tough times because they brought us closer to God as well as helped us realise our frailty and dependence on our rock and salvation, Jesus Christ.

I’ve tried to put down few of the major points that we are thankful about as well as concerns which you could well share in your daily prayers.

1.    We thank the Lord for very sick patients who found healing at NJH. Images of so many patients, few of which I’ve shared in the blog vindicate our calling. And we are thankful.

2.    We thank the Lord for the new staff who joined over 2012. We pray that the Lord will use each of them to be a blessing to all those around them.

3.    Many of our staff were on holiday and travelling during Christmas time. We thank the Lord that all of them have returned safe. Couple of them are still on vacation and would return only the end of January.

4.    The hospital was able to function without much hitches during the Christmas time. We recorded an all time high statistics for December in all areas of the hospital. We thank the Lord.

5.    We had quite a fewprograms during Christmas time. All of them were well arranged and attended. Kindly pray that all those who joined our celebrations would ultimately come to know the real meaning of Christmas.

6.    The region has been in a grip of a very bad cold wave. We thank the Lord that all staff are doing well. Please pray for the farmers who have been affected because of the cold.

7.    The very sick patients, especially obstetric cases continue to  come on a regular basis. We thank the Lord for the healing given. Please pray that we would get more qualified staff for critical care.

8.    During this winter, I’ve realised that we live in a very beautiful campus. We thank the Lord.

9.    We thank for Dr. Nandamani and Dr. Ango for the time, they have served at NJH. They plan for a short break. Please pray that we would have a replacement plan for a surgeon as soon as possible.

10.                       During this winter, we’ve been quite a lot involved with geriatric care. We were also involved in some very unusual diagnosis. We thank the Lord for the learnings as well as the new challenges. Again, we would do good with expert help.

11.                       Please continue to pray for the Community Health team who are working on the themes of disability, community based adaptation in response to climate change and the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana. The challenges are many. Here also we need few more dedicated staff for the smooth work.

12.                       The staff requirements continue to remain. I’ve put up a new list. Please pray and pass the message along. 

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