Saturday, January 26, 2013

Champa Christian Hospital

Few snaps and a brief history about the Champa Christian Hospital. 

Begun in 1926 by Dr. Harvey R. Bauman and his wife Dr. Ella Bauman (nee. Garber), missionaries from General Conference Mennonite Church, the hospital has been under Emmanuel Hospital Association since 1971.

Below are few snaps from the hospital which I visited couple of days back.

The front view of the hospital . .. ... 

Front view from the entrance

The maternity block

Corridor leading the previous urology dept

Dr. Joseph Immanuel, the present Medical Superintendent.
He is 3 years past his retirement age.
Waiting for a robust team to take over . . .  

The emergency ward . . . 

Drs. Henry and Ella, the founders

Another view of the corridor

The sarai. . . place for relatives to stay

The dental department. Dr. Wilson from Nagaland is in charge . . .
The day we reached, the CH team was preparing for demonstrating mushroom cultivation

Sr. Wendy teaching nurses at CCH
Well, we need people here too. 

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