Friday, January 25, 2013

Another drive . . . to Champa

After the last long drive we took to Madhepura, I was eagerly waiting for the next drive. And came the opportunity yesterday to drive to Champa. 

After much research, the following was the route that we took. 

Google maps showed us that the distance was 436 kilometers. Our odometer showed 470 kilometers. We had started off at 5:30 am and was in Champa by 3:00 pm.

The return was by a different route. 

Here, google maps showed 432 kilometers, but our odometer showed 500 kilometers. We took some more time for the return trip as we took more time to rest on the way back. We started at 5:30 am and reached NJH at 4:00 pm. 

Personally, I preferred the road we used for the return trip. However, there was new road construction in the former route which could change things soon. 

And the reason for the trip. To bring the Grace babies heroes to NJH . . . Wendy and Jerry would be at NJH for a week. 

Well, watch out for the next post on the Champa Christian Hospital

Before I sign off, a few snaps from the trip . . . 

We left before dawn and witnessed the beautiful sunrise over the Ranka hills

Entering Chattisgarh . . .

The smooth roads were a welcome relief

Something you'll find only in this part of the country

A common sight in most of North India at this point of time.
There has been a bumper harvest this year . .. ...

Guava orchard . . .

We went through dangerous stretches of forest areas. Here is a signboard warning us of elephants.
There was another place where there was a warning about bears. Unfortunately, we never saw any wild animal

A very good restaurant in Ambikapur . . . Recommended . . . 

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  1. Nice to hear about a bumper harvest.
    Lovely pictures. I've seen bicycles clipped to buses in the US, but this is the first time I'm seeing it on an Indian bus. :)