Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2 Rupture Uteri . . . and one live baby

About 10 days back, we had 2 rupture uteri. I had  written about it in an earlier post

SktD and NmnD . . . the patients. SktD's baby was not lucky as NmnD's baby. 

Couple of days back, I got the consent to publish the snaps of NmnD and her baby. 

By the grace of God, NmnD and her baby are doing fine. SktD was discharged couple of days back. 

Both of them benefited from the Maternity Charity Fund supported by one well-wisher. 

The snaps . . .

That is how NmnD's baby looked soon after delivery. The baby was in a face presentation.
I hope you remember UD whose baby also had a similar presentation

NmnD and her baby just before discharge . . . 

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