Thursday, October 17, 2013

Referral well made

It is quite common to see public healthcare facilities being given regular bashing in the media and our regular conversations. 

However, yesterday, I had a very encouraging experience when one patient was referred to us at the opportune time before she went into a complication. 

Although the indication for referral was a bit different, I was impressed that the person who wrote this referral letter timely identified that the patient needs to be referred. 

The staff at this PHC had diagnosed obstructed labour. However, on examination, we found out that there was third degree cephalopelvic disproportion although it had not into the stage of an obstructed labour. The delivery would have become badly obstructed if the delivery was allowed to progress. 

Please join me in acknowledging and applauding this unknown staff in a remote Primary Health Centre of Palamu district. 


  1. The ambulance has a HR registration?

  2. Snap taken from elsewhere, Koshy. Did not have that of an ambulance from Jharkhand. Shall try to get one in couple of days.