Friday, October 25, 2013

Donating sparsely used/unused stuff

Recently, I had a friend who after reading about the post on the donated CPAP machine, suggested that I put a list of things we need in the hospital for patients and staff. 

There are quite a few stuff which many a time ends up getting wasted in a developed country setting and quite a lot in many of our homes. There is also stuff which may be left out when a hospital or clinic is being refurbished or upgraded.

Below is a short list which few of us made up. Yes, there are stuff like canulas which needs to be new. Others like bed sheets and blankets could be sparsely used ones . . .

Baby blankets
Intravenous canula
Portable wheelchair
Bed sheets
Intravenous sets
Pulse oximeter
Steam Inhaler
Central Lines
Multipara monitor
Sterile Wipes
Cpap masks
Nasogastric tubes
Suction Cather
Electric blankets
Suture material
Foley's Catheter
Syringe pump
Infant clothing
Pillow covers
Syringes of various sizes
Infant warmers
Insulin Syringe
Portable toilet seats
Water beds

Please do contact me at or if you wish to make a donation/contribution in kind or cash. 

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