Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Praise and Prayer Bulletin . . . October 2013

It’s quite a long time since we’ve put in a praise and prayer bulletin. Apologies . . .  Below is the latest list . . .

1. We had an amazing time with YWAM team who ministered to us about a week back. The thank the Lord for each of the members. Kindly pray that the Lord will use them mightily in the coming days.

2. Over the last few weeks, we’ve had some amazing patients who made it in spite of challenges. We thank the Lord for healing each one of them.

3. The water tank construction is in smooth progress. We thank the Lord. Please pray that we would also be able to raise some funds for laying new pipelines.

4. We thank the Lord for Dr. Roshine and the amazing work she’s been doing. She has completed about 4 months of service at NJH. We look forward for a junior medical officer to help her work. And also, the acute care unit is in dire need of more facilities and space. Please pray and spread the message.

5. We thank the Lord for the kind donation of the bilevel CPAPmachine. Kindly pray for the family who made this donation.

6. Maternal and child health continues to be of a major challenge. Kindly pray for the Lord’s guidance.

7. The surgery load in this region is quite high. Dr. Nandamani has been kind enough to come and help us once in 2-3 months. However, we pray for a permanent surgeon at NJH. Please pray and pass the message along.

8. Kindly pray that we would able to get electricity connection to the campus as soon as possible. 

9. We start work on the Sarai today. This is the place where patients who need long term care but not hospital admission, can stay on without getting admitted. It will also provide space for the umpteen number of relatives that accompany patients.

10. Considering the huge increase volume of work over the last few years, we’ve come under Income Tax scrutiny this year. Please pray for wisdom to our administrative and finance team that necessary precautions be taken in their work.

11. Kindly pray for the Lord’s leading as we plan for outreach work during Christmas season. We look back with gratitude when we remember the last year's program we had for our surrounding villages. 

12. Kindly pray for our staff and their immediate relatives who are sick.

13. Our calendar 2014 has gone into print. Kindly pray for all logistics involved. Also thank the Lord for everybody who put their lot behind the effort. 

14. Few organisations including EHA has been advocating to the government to legalize Unbanked Direct Blood Transfusion. Kindly pray for the efforts going on. Hospitals like NJH would be able to serve the poor more effectively if UDBT is allowed. 

15. We're pained to hear stories of families who do not value their girl child. Please pray for the communities around us that they would value boys and girls in the same measure. (By the way, our hunch regarding the patient mentioned towards the end of this post was correct. It was a girl)

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