Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Surgery at NJH

During my short vacation, it was quite a blessing to have Dr. Nandamani and Dr. Ango to be with us. 

And I believe that it was a big relief for quite a few of our patients, especially to 2 young men who came with acute abdomen. 

The first one was VK, a 16 year old who came in with acute abdominal pain and distension. Of course, it was intestinal obstruction. 

On opening the abdomen, this is what we found . . .  

In addition, there was an area of constriction caused by tuberculosis which caused the obstruction. 

Then, there was one more young man who is still recuperating from the surgery for a duodenal perforation. 

After quite a long time, we had quite a large renal stone (staghorn calculus) removed. 

It does not need much research to conclude that a surgeon is a very much essential component in the scheme of things in a mission hospital. I wish we had a surgeon who was always around. Our surgical load is immense. Dr. Nandamani did about 70 surgeries in a space of around 2 weeks. 

Dr. Nandamani coming on a bimonthly basis is a major relief for us. We praise and thank the Lord for his bigheartedness. 

Could I request prayers for a regular surgeon to be at NJH? 

VK just before discharge . . . 


  1. you should post a photo of Dr. Nandamani as well. I praise God for his heart. Amazing medical work.

  2. great! so proud of you all - and for the ongoing relationships that you are forging! Hats off to Nandu and Ango!