Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Moving on

A reality in life is the need to move on. And even in a place like NJH, where there are lots of needs, in terms of committed staff and finances, times come when people have to move on. The Lord has brought lots of committed doctors and other staffs to NJH over periods of time and all of them have played a part in the building up of the hospital. We’re proud that many of our former staff are in positions of tremendous responsibility in India and abroad. Over the last three and half years since we’ve been here, we’ve also been blessed by some really committed staff. Few of them are in the process of moving on especially for post-graduation and better exposure.

Committed and qualified staffs have always been a premium for NJH. There are many reasons which most of you probably are well aware of.

I thought that it is time that I put this down so that we could have people praying about it and that the Lord will move the hearts of healthcare professionals that they explore setting apart a part of their lives to serve in areas such as NJH.

Drs. Titus and Grace with SwrD
Junior Medical Officers are the forte of any hospital. We have been blessed to have Dr. Titus Raju serve us for almost two years. Midway through his posting here, he got married to Dr. Grace Mary George that ensured that NJH had extra hands. Dr. Titus plans to do post-graduation in ENT and his better half in the speciality of Dermatology or Anesthesia. Dr. Titus finishes two years of service in February 2014 following which the family plans to take a break to pursue post-graduation.

I know it is quite a difficult thing to attract MBBS graduates to hospitals such as ours in this era. However, I’m sure that whoever had done a short stint in a rural hospital had major changes in perceptions about healthcare and the post-graduation they needed to pursue. And I hardly know of anybody who regretted the decision to do a short period of service in a difficult place soon after their MBBS graduation.

So, what are we looking at? Rather, who should look to apply? I firmly believe that it is the Lordship of Christ in our lives which should help us to decide on what to do and what not to do. We fervently pray for couple of MBBS graduates.

Below are a few things on what sort of work to expect and the opportunities if you plan to work here.

NJH is the place where someone who would go on to do Obstetrics or Pediatrics should work. As of now, there is no obstetrician here who will be able to mentor a junior person. However, there is quite a lot of work. Most of our specialist work in OG and Pediatrics are done with the help of seniors specialists over the phone/internet. Things have worked well so far.

If you plan to do post-graduation in General Medicine, I’m sure that this is the place where you should be. Dr. Roshine has made a great impression here and the amount of learning that you can have from this young lady is tremendous. There are quite a lot of cases which will give you enough exposure to both infectious and non-infectious.

We’ve quite a good laboratory with my better half, Dr. Angeline at the helm which will also give you some amount of experience with clinical pathology. 

The speciality of Community Health/Public Health is not a very favoured subject for graduates. However, I am of the opinion that we need quite a good group in this subject. Considering into fact that we have quite a wide network of like-minded organisations working alongside us and the influence that we have in the theme of healthcare in the region, NJH can provide you a whole lot of experience. In addition, there is a separate Community Health Department who works in the thematic areas of Community Based Rehabilitation for People with disability and Community Based Adaptation towards Climate Change. We are also a Tuberculosis Unit catering to a population of almost 700,000.

So, friends – please spread the message around that we are looking at the prospect of having couple of junior doctors joining us sometime during the next few months. 

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